• * People gave him poems which he realized later he was the poet who penned them. ** Matthew advises that in order to catch more green lights (good things) in one’s life, you must know how to avoid the red lights. ** That green lights are sometimes disguised as red or yellow lights. But they are sometimes needed so that we will know how to get around obstacles and be able to reach the green lights. ** At the age of 12, Matthew wrote in his journal, asking a question, that if he asked you to sit down and listen to him, would you be willing to do so? At that young age, he was already craving for attention from people who mattered to him. ** Matthew recounted the time when he was five when his dad came home from work. He wanted just to have a nice quiet dinner but Matthew’s mom kept nagging him. The scene turned violent when Dad kept escaping the slashing of Mom at him with a chef’s knife and Dad spraying ketchup on Mom whenever he had the chance. Finally, after being both exhausted from their quarrel, they came to each other in an act of reconciliation, went down to the floor, and made love. They divorced each other twice and married each other twice. ** The McConaughey clan were originally from Ireland. There were no royalty along the way but there was a lot of cattle thieving, riverboat gambling and even one of them was an Al Capone bodyguard. ** Matthew’s oldest brother Michael was nicknamed Rooster because even if he slept late, he always woke up at sunrise. ** Their parents offered Pat, their adopted brother, every year, to being him back to his biological parents. He declined every year until he turned 19. He was driven to their house where they waited outside for a few minutes after he entered. Shortly, he went back to their car and back to their house together. Pat said he only wanted to find out if his real dad was bald because his own hair was thinning out. ** When Matthew’s mom was pregnant with him, they thought he was a tumor until her fifth month of bearing him. ** His mouth was washed out with soap for saying the words damn, shit and fuck. ** Matthew’s mom conquered two types of cancers by just taking aspirin and being in self denial. She’s still alive and kicking right now and is expected to enter her 90s soon. ** She always gives her forgiveness very quickly, that’s why there’s zero stress in her. ** Matthew was only runner up in the Little Mr. Texas contest in 1977 (he was 8) because his mom alleges that the winner was given a three piece suit by his parents to wear. For Matthew’s mom, that was cheating. ** His Dad valued respect for people and liked the words Sir and Ma’am, work ethic, rites of passage and earning enough money for your family. ** His Dad was a man of extremes. He took up painting and ballet, but also played football with the Green Bay Packers. He took an interest in Ponzi schemes and can choose to win something instead of buying it. REVIEWS OF GREENLIGHTS Here are are the reviews which earnestly tell you that you should get your own copy of this remarkable Matthew McConaughey book too: A REMARKABLE FIRST BOOK ** Here’s one review from a reader who commented that Greenlights is a remarkable first book from an already popular celebrity. It’s as if he has written books his whole life and is already a master storyteller. But no, he entertains his readers up to the end. Matthew, for this reader, is kind of a mashup between Anthony Bourdain and Ernest Hemingway. Because it’s not really an autobiography. It’s part memoir, part ethic and part lessons from life. Whether or not you’re already a part of Matthew’s fan base, you will find another side in him that’s adorable, and at the same time, something worthwhile to think about. ENJOYED THE AUDIOBOOK VERSION TOO ** RJ also recounts that aside from purchasing the paperback, because he can’t get enough of the book, he also got for himself the audiobook version too. It afforded him the chance to see the book from the angle of a voice narration by Matthew himself which impressed on him the fact that the actor is lovelier the second time around, when you hear him talk. RJ also observes that the Matthew McConaughey book is not your usual memoir because it is clever and at the same time funny. He’s already a hugh fan of Matthew, and both the paperback and the audiobook makes him admire the thespian more. UPBRINGING SHOULDN’T BRING YOU DOWN ** Aran explains that McConaughey’s lower middle class upbringing in Texas is not something to envy. Just imagine the confusion wrought upon the child when his parents divorced twice but eventually went back to each other to remarry. Corporal punishment was a consistent experience and money was always lacking. But Matthew didn’t complain about this half baked fortune to be born into this family. He even celebrates the life of his parents despite their deficiencies. Matthew always looks out for the brighter side of things and diverts into a route which leads him into a green light which pushes him forward rather than being pulled backwards by his circumstances. Aran observes that Matthew’s intense desire to push himself in his acting career was initiated when he brawler with a bar bouncer. This ignited in him the work ethic that is so valuable for an actor to succeed in showbusiness. Matthew was fortunate to find success early in his career, but unlike others, he chose a life that was much different than what most celebrities drive into. He selected a nomadic life, together with his dog, wandering around the USA. Then, he also went on journeys in the midst of South America and Africa. Matthew defines living as living to emphasize it as a verb which exemplifies that material luxuries are not the way to go when you have career success but rather be living on the trail and see what the real world is all about. Absolutely not the plastic surgery world of showbusiness. Greenlights is well recommended reading material for all those who are well identified in the joy of traveling to places less explored by others, then in the evening, desire to relax by seeking the fire of the campfire and listening to fellow bohemian stories being shared. RAW AND UNFILTERED INSIGHTS ** Seth puts it succinctly that Matthew is not just a masculine and brainless actor on the big screen but is far more complex in personality, as expressed in his well loved book Greenlights. His views are unfiltered, authentic and raw and slithers into pondering points that just shows how observant and meditative he is. This makes his book a must read if you want to accumulate some thought provoking inputs into your day. You would never have thought about a situation and how to react to it the way Matthew recalibrates it into a positive version. HE IDENTIFIES WITH MATTHEW ** This Amazon customer says that alright, alright, alright… Matthew McConaughey is not my favorite actor, but he doesn’t really know the reason why he picked up Greenlights and pushed the Buy button. Something inside him told his soul that somehow, Matthew’s life will resonate with that of his own. The failings of his dad who was only present in his life in the later stages, the superhero efforts of his mom, and the fact that he was never comfortable growing up around men. It was not an ideal life. And he grew up without someone guiding him through the right tracts in life. What happened was that he found this guidance from characters in films. They were his only mentors who didn’t bother him with nagging questions at the end of the lessons that they unknowingly taught him. His whole persona was built from these film actors during the 2 decade time period from 1983 to 2003. He thought he knew them better compared to any real life individual. He didn’t really know himself until he turned 35. But he didn’t like what he saw. These movie characters he identified himself with were dark and brooding. They were troubled characterizations with only few shining moments of redemption. They were not good role models for him. But he needed these characters to make sense of what he has become. But what happened is that even though he set high objectives for himself, he struggled through because he was afraid of heights and struggled with his persevering capabilities. He earned his scars along the way and tried to show to show the world that he was a man capable of taking on what the world throws at him. But deep down, he knew, he was still a terrified boy who longed for the inner strength of his mother. He was sailing in a sailboat, but it was directionless and rudderless. He didn’t know which way to go. But a certain magnetic attraction pulled him towards reading Greenlights. But he barely knew Matthew McConaughey. He seemed too All American and clean cut to him. The football quarterback, the fit looking guy who loves the outdoors with a southern drawl and the relaxed attitude. Somehow got mixed in with a Southern Californian vibe. It was a challenged for this reader. Because as we all know, he identifies with those desperate film characters down on their luck who creates their problems due to their own questionable decision making skills. But Matthew caught his eye first in True Detective. He senses something that’s deep in this Hollywood star with a cowboy appeal. He was not wrong. When he dove into the world of Greenlights, he laughed then he cried, went through a whole range of emotions. The book made him ponder about his life, about all that wrong. It is generally a sad life with lots of frustrating twists and turns, but the book convinced him that he wouldn’t trade anything that had happened to him. He found out he relished every suffering, every traumatic experience that he has ever encountered. This means he has embraced his life just like Matthew wholeheartedly embraced his disappointing beginnings too. But as of the moment, this enlightened Greenlights reader believes he has not yet acquired all the tools yet to move steadily forward. But for sure, the parallelism of the message of the book with his own life struck a chord in him which says, All that happened to me was for my own good! Ever since he read Greenlights, it’s been a healing period for him. He still has his flaws, but he has accepted them and concentrated on his strong points. He had bit by bit let go of his little boy lost mindset. The main truth that he got from Greenlights is that he has to be his own hero. He is the leading star of his own movie. No one can portray his role better than he can. He can’t be a silent observer of his own life anymore. He can’t afford to wait for a perfect time. The perfect time is now. Greenlights and Matthew has nudged him in the right direction. He is the only one capable of making his life extraordinary, with a little help from others. But mainly, he is the lead star! GREENLIGHTS ONE OF HER GREATER READS ** Jessica thinks that Greenlights is one of her greatest reads. When she was just halfway through, she was already gasping for breath and asking for more. She had highlighted and tabbed and made so many folds on the pages that she had lost count. She even had her sons involved in her delight with the book by letting them read excerpts from Greenlights which made a great impression on her. They were so surprised that she was laughing and crying intermittently. The book, with all its humbleness, rawness and transparency has bound one awestruck reader forever to Matthey McConaughey! GREENLIGHTS MEANT TO BE RAW, NOT POLISHED ** Brian praises Matthey McConaughey for being brutally frank, sincere and straight with the facts about his life, even though some of the details could be touted as embarrassing for most people. Greenlights, as a memoir, was never meant to be polished and edited up to the point that it would appear to be flawless and without error. It is meant to be raw, as Brian puts it, and straight from the heart. This goes to show that Matthew has the courage to put the pieces together of his puzzle, and to share with the general public that a horrible past and humble beginnings were never meant to be hidden behind closed doors. They were meant to be shared so that countless people will not be victims of their murky background and can still move on with confidence. Matthew admits that he put to good use his advantages such as his good looks and charisma. But Brian says these challenges the readers too to find their own strengths and to use them to their advantage too. Brian also commends Matthew for encouraging his readers to travel and learn about other cultures as he did too. These trips he did before he even found fame and these travels did well in keeping his feet on the ground even when his popularity was soaring. SEES A BRIGHT SIDE OF MATTHEW ** BAustin was just astonished as countless others fans with the wonderful other side of Matthey McConaughey aside from what they see on the big screen. He said he learned a lot from his work ethic and his relentless attitude towards his acting craft. BAustin said that it all started with the wonderful interview that Matthew had with Tom Ferris and it pierced his curiosity to buy Greenlights. He has no regrets. He thinks that Matthew is a disciplined and authentic individual who found his place in the sun, despite his humble beginnings. Add the fact that Matthew is a great storyteller about what happened in his interesting life. One example is how he narrates that he had to make do with eating heads of lettuce and Ketchup while he was an exchange student in Australia. How he fulfilled his desire to travel the world to exotic places like the Amazon and Africa. All this experiences made him well rounded and very respectful of other cultures. Matthew also proved to himself that didn’t want to be drowned in the cosmetic world of Hollywood and stayed clear of romcoms eventually and went into serious roles that meant a lot to him. Dallas Buyers Club realized this intensity in him when it was applauded by movie critiques because he prepared himself totally when he was at work on his role in the movie. BAustin says that Greenlights is an eye opener for him and he believes that Matthew deserves all the success that he has right now because of his authenticity to himself and to his public. GREENLIGHTS MIRRORS INTO HER OWN LIFE ** Sara says that Greenlights is like a mirror into her own life, wherein you ask who you really are. That you shouldn’t try so hard to do things that aren’t really you or doesn’t represent you. She says that Matthew McConaughey is one of the greater storytellers she has ever read who tells you to simply go on living your truth and not to pretend. LOOKING FORWARD TO A GREENLIGHTS SEQUEL ** For Sean, it was a fun read more than anything else. Before he knew it, he was already at the end of Greenlights, and he wanted more. It was brilliant and unexpected for Sean and he actually bought both the paperback and audio versions to complement each other. The purpose was to listen to the passages in the book which struck him. The poetry and the bumper stickers added to the whole total experience of Sean in enjoying the book. Sean is looking forward to a second Greenlights book. A GREAT AUDIO BOOK FOR A 12 HOUR JOURNEY ** Jim is a great fan of Matthey McConaughey ever since he appeared together with Jodie Foster (another favorite actor of his) in the movie Contact. In the first place, Contact (the book by Carl Sagan) was already a well liked book of Jim’s, that’s why he was enticed to watch the movie version. Jim was really sold out with the portrayal of Matthew in Contact of the mysterious man of God. This was the film which launched his movie career. Then there comes Greenlights and that’s where Jim’s admiration of Matthew lives on. He bought the audio book version primarily to entertain him for his 12 hour journey, and it didn’t disappoint. For Jim, Matthew is a man of spirituality, but he doesn’t belong to any religion and develops his own beliefs according to what manifests in his personal life. Matthew avoids the reds and yellows and consumes with passion all the greens. That is the philosophy of Greenlights wherein Matthew doesn’t disrupt the flow but rather allow to enter what comes to him, whether good or bad, and doesn’t let his passion for life diminish. What was also interesting for Jim about Matthew is his habit of keeping both a journal and a scrapbook all his life. This is what made him record every detail of his life and not be forgotten into oblivion. His travels all over the world were all recorded on a whim. This journal is a deep record of all Matthew’s thoughts and feelings and all the inner manifestations of his soul. Jim said that if only he knew that he was going to write his own life story, he would also keep his own journal. The mere fact of keeping a journal is already a reflection of the inner writer and philosopher inside Matthew. And he let his soul come to the light in Greenlights. NOT EVERYONE WILL AGREE WITH MATTHEW, BUT HE’S HIS OWN MAN ** Lizzratt is sure not everyone who reads Greenlights will agree to all the thinking patterns of Matthew McConaughey, but his way of doing things has made him successful to what he has become. Matthew’s philosophy is find your own way, be true to who you are, and stick to that. Different strokes for different persons will do the trick for you. You can be advised on the path you want to go, but eventually, you’ll have to make your own decisions. To Lizzratt, Greenlights is a fun read with very serious pondering to reflect on. FINISHED GREENLIGHTS IN TWO SITTINGS ** Lorenzo enjoyed Greenlights so much that he finished reading the book in just two sittings. For Lorenzo, Matthew McConaughey is not only an exemplary actor, he is also a remarkable storyteller Matthew is one of those charismatic people who, for Lorenzo, he can stay up for until 6 am just to listen to his stories. He has this uncanny ability to capture you with his ideas, identify with them, and simply can’t get enough of. GREENLIGHTS IS A LOVE LETTER TO LIFE ** Joshua has this feeling that Greenlights is meant to be a love letter to life. That being merely alive is not enough. We should live it with passion according to who we are, not according to the dictates of other people. GREENLIGHTS IS LIKE ENJOYING A BEER WITH A HIGH SCHOOL BUDDY ** Annie bought the audio book because she wanted to hear Matthew narrate with his Texan twang. She also purchased the hardcover to be able to see the pictures. Reading and listening to Greenlights made Annie imagine that she was relaxing and enjoying a beer with a high school buddy. This time, in the person of Matthew McConaughey. Annie also imagines that as the sun is dropping into the horizon, here comes John Mellen camp setting up his gear and then strumming his guitar. A very laid back scene which she finds refreshing.
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Wendy Wall writes books articles and blogs with regard to romance and family to encourage and edify.

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Wendy Wall

Wendy Wall

Wendy Wall writes books articles and blogs with regard to romance and family to encourage and edify.

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